Book ReviewsIssue 1Volume 1 (2016)

Book Review: Huybrechts – Olena Bokareva – Multi-modal Transportation under the Rotterdam Rules

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Should we split the Rotterdam Rules into a binding “Maritime” part and a  “soft law” part for the remaining multi – modal aspects?


After  a  lengthy,  solid  and  detai led  analysis  of  actual  and  modern  transport law,  Olena  Bokareva comes  to  the  – if  not  daring,  at  least  surprising  – conclusion that  maybe  one  ought to split the Rotterdam Rules because obviously so many nations are hesitant to sign  and  ratify  the  Conventio n.  Such  a  split  might  overcome  these  hesitations.  Indeed,  she  states: “ Assuming that the Rotterdam Rules, and its maritime plus regime,  may not achieve  universal acceptance, one option may be to pursue the partial mandatory approach… ”


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