4th TransLawFer 2016 Seoul

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20150414040853887The Korea University School of Law and its Maritime Law Research Centre are very proud of hosting the 4th annual Conference of “Transport Law de lege ferenda: Young Academics’ Vision on Tomorrow’s Transport Law – Translawfer 2016 Seoul”. The 4th Translawfer Conference will take place on the 27th November, 2016 at the CJ Law Hall, in Korea University School of Law, Seoul, South Korea. The Maritime Law Research Centre was established in 2009 to promote the study and advancement of maritime law not only in Korea but also throughout the Asia. Active research activities and expansive network with numerous professionals, corporates, and other maritime institutions are leading the Centre’s efforts to accelerate such advancement. It takes another step to move on by assuming a role of bridging Asia with other parts of the world. In this regard, it is the honor of hosting the Translawfer Conference in Asia for the first time, after the successful precedents in Leuven, Belgium (1st, 2013), Zagreb, Croatia (2nd, 2014), and  Elbasan, Abania (3rd, 2015). The goal of the 4th Translawfer 2016 Seoul is to bring together young academics from Asia, Europe, and other regions to share their “visions on tomorrow’s transport law”, while learning from cross-border perpectives of practioners and scholars, who are also kindly invited to the conference.


More information including the program and abstracts available HERE

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