Review Process


The articles and case comments submitted for publication in the International Transport Law Review are subjected to a preliminary review conducted by the Editors in order to ensure coherence with the ITL Review field of interest and adherence with the Instructions for Authors guidelines.
Subsequently, each article or case comment undergoes a double blind peer review, whereby the anonymity for both the Authors and Referees (nominated by the Editors, preferably among Professors who hold or have held a tenure position) is guaranteed by the Editors.
The Referee reports will take into consideration the following criteria: article’s/case comment’s originality, relevance of the chosen topic, accuracy in references and citations, adherence to the relevant legal principles and case-law, updates on major scholarly writings, scientific coherence and clarity of the logical process.

On the basis of the above-mentioned parameters, the Referee reports appoint one of the following evaluation categories:

  1. To be published without any revision
  2. To be published with minor revision
  3. To be published with major revision
  4. To be rejected

The review process is conducted in such a way as to allow the Author to receive the Referees’ assessments within, if possible, 30 days from the date of submission.
In case of conflict of opinion between the Referee reports, the Editors or a third Referee are entitled to make the final decision.
The Editors are entitled not to submit to the review process an article or case comment submitted by a particularly prestigious Author.
If the Submission is accepted for Publication, the Author(s) will be asked to sign the Statement of Approval (with regard the final version) and Statement of Originality.
Other materials, such as professional translations, book reviews, reports etc., shall not be subjected to the peer review, but only to the editing process.