Editors’ Note

The world of Maritime and Transport Law is constantly changing, thus making it necessary for the scholars and legal professionals in the field to seek and receive continuous updates on relevant changes. Unlike in the past, in the today’s global market it is no longer sufficient just to know and study the rules laid down by the regulation of our own countries, but it is necessary to gain a comprehensive view of the entire international legal system.

To this end, it is becoming increasingly essential to make use of tools that allow us to get acquainted with the – in a comparative perspective – new rules in force in various countries, evolution of legal doctrine interpretation, recent and relevant court decisions (significant precedents) and other relevant events.

It is undeniable that, today, there exists a need for a collective and deep reflection on a multitude of disparate aspects with regard the Maritime, Transport and International Trade Law, that constantly generate an intense debate, both at a national and international level.

For all these reasons, a small group of young scholars in the field, Dr. Massimiliano Musi, Dr. Mišo Mudrić, Dr. Arber Gjeta and Dr. Julia Constantino Chagas Lessa, decided to start a new journal – the International Transport Law Review (ITL Review) – that aims, as its main objective, to serve as an “update tool”, allowing the scholars and legal practitioners to navigate through such a complex world as is the case with the International Maritime and Transport Law.

The ITL Review’s aim is, furthermore, to offer the analysis of the key juridical institutes in individual legal systems, in order to develop the reciprocal experience, provide interesting “hints” utilized to solve difficult practical problems, and generate new ideas.

The Journal will consist of one or more issues per year, and be published on-line as an open access journal.

The Journal will publish expert and scientific papers, case comments, national legislation and case law updates’ reports, book reviews (in particular with regard the master and doctoral thesis publications), conferences’, seminars’ and workshops’ comments, overviews of educational institutions’ courses in maritime and general transport law, and other types of contributions in the field of general transport (air, road, rail, internal waterways navigation) law, maritime and shipping law, transport (marine) insurance law, offshore energy law, international trade law, law of the sea, marine environmental law, and other related areas. In addition, the Journal will also contain a section devoted to the PhD and LLM research, in order to leave room for the youngest scholars in our field.

We hereby issue an open call to all colleagues, both in Academia and Practice, to consider possible contributions to the ITL Review. The emphasis is placed on the younger colleagues who are striving to get engaged in the academic work, and colleagues from the practice who are, on a daily basis, faced with difficult practical legal problems, and are interested to share their solutions and open issues with the general public.

Zagreb and Bologna,
October 2016
Editors in Chief

Aleksandar Bravar and Stefano Zunarelli